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03/14/2018 22:00Taking On Putin: Intimidated and tailed by the Kremlin's men    ( The Times )
The poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury would not surprise the people who dare to take on Putin in Russia. For them, political violence .... footage of me in Russia. They falsely accused me of cobbling together fake news with students in Tomsk and Cossacks in the Don basin.
03/14/2018 07:00How The Kremlin Silences Youth Protests Ahead Of Elections    ( Worldcrunch )
... part of everyday life in Russia. Almost daily, the human rights platform OVD-Info documents new reprisals against Navalny's mostly young followers and collaborators. Nationwide, house searches are taking place, and people continue to be arrested: sentences of 20 days or 30 days. In Tomsk, Siberia ...
02/26/2018 20:00Rallies In Russian Cities Commemorate Nemtsov    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Rallies were held across Russia on February 25 to commemorate slain Kremlin critic and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov ahead of the third anniversary of his murder. In Tomsk, people laid flowers to Nemtsov's photo displayed at a local memorial "to the victims of the Bolshevik terror.
02/24/2018 13:00Russian millennials look to their future: 'If we don't do anything now, we will keep living like our ...    ( Los Angeles Times )
The millennial generation is inheriting a Russia in decline. Low global oil prices and Western sanctions aimed at punishing the Kremlin's illegal annexation of Crimea have hurt the economy. Global oil consumption, which feeds Russia's economy, is expected to continue its downward trajectory, and so is ...
02/21/2018 11:10Court confiscates tax officer's apartment of unknown origin    ( )
The Sovetsky District Court of Tomsk grants the suit of city prosecutor Viktor Fedotov over the confiscation of an apartment worth about 3 million rubles from an official of the Federal Tax Service city inspectorate, who bought it with money of unknown origin. This was reported by the press service of the ...
02/19/2018 11:10How Vladimir Putin mastered the cyber disinformation war    ( Financial Times )
Despite the Kremlin's best efforts, western governments refused to shut them down. Then, in January 2002, a popular Chechen website went dark. It had been attacked by hackers, students in the Siberian city of Tomsk. The local branch of the FSB, the Russian secret police, enthusiastically supported the ...
02/15/2018 03:15Russian Police Summon Priests to Exorcise 'Poltergeist'    (The Siberian Times)
Police seeks help from church on a 'poltergeist' case in remote corner of Tomsk region - The Siberian Times
02/13/2018 03:15One Day After Deadly Moscow Plane Crash, Russian Helicopter Crash Kills 2    ( The Moscow Times )
Two crew members of the Mi-8 transport helicopter died in Monday's crash-landing in a remote part of the Russian region of Tomsk, the regional administration said in an online statement. The helicopter, belonging to a local private airline, crash-landed while transporting a patient, the administration said ...
02/13/2018 03:15Sign Of The Times? Putin Billboards 'Under Guard' By Off-Duty Police    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Adding to photos and eyewitness evidence from around Russia of such round-the-clock police surveillance, the officer says none of the other seven candidates' billboards is getting such treatment ahead of the March 18 election, which is expected to award Putin a fourth term in the Kremlin. Last week ...
02/03/2018 03:15Berdsk chief policeman caught in illegal activity arrested    ( )
By the decision of the Berdsk City Court, chief of the Russian Interior Ministry in Berdsk Colonel Sergey Protsenko, was arrested till end of March this ... being an influential security official, Protsenko has strong ties with representatives of the criminal world in Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, including the ...
01/29/2018 10:55Navalny Supporters Arrested At Tomsk Rally    (Turkey Telegraph)
Arrested Russian opposition leader Navalni to curb protest against presidential - Turkey Telegraph
01/24/2018 02:50Can thorium reactors dispose of weapons-grade plutonium?    ( New Atlas )
Thorium reactors have long been proposed as a cleaner, safer alternative to conventional nuclear energy, and now a new Russian study has added another potential benefit to the mix. Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) propose a new thorium reactor design that can burn ...
01/23/2018 10:55Thorium reactors may dispose of enormous amounts of weapons-grade plutonium    ( Phys.Org )
Credit: Tomsk Polytechnic University ... of Nuclear Science & Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University are developing a technology for the creation of high-temperature, low-power reactors with thorium fuel. ... In the US, it is chemically processed and burned, and in Russia, it is burned in the reactors.
01/23/2018 10:55Revisionist Russia Is the Most Nuclearized Power in the World    ( The Jamestown Foundation )
The fire at the uranium and plutonium plant in Seversk, Tomsk region, was only a minor news item last weekend (TASS, January 21). The Russian high command is quite flexible in extending the service of nuclear weapon systems that should have been retired many years ago. But it is in denial of the ...
01/02/2018 02:10About 50 false mining calls made on New Year's Eve    ( )
... Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Vladivostok, Anadyr, Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Chita, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Abakan, Kemerovo, Ulan-Ude, Izhevsk, Samara, ... In total, since September 11, when a wave of false mining began in Russia, nearly four thousand objects were attacked by telephone terrorists, more ...
12/22/2017 09:40Wake up and smell the ruthenium    ( Open Democracy )
In 1993, Russia experienced its first nuclear accident after the fall of the Soviet Union. This took place at the Siberian Chemical Combine in Tomsk region, which released ruthenium-106. Greenpeace's archive contains a telling document of the time: a report on the radiation situation compiled by the ...
12/21/2017 17:40Picture This: The Feared Soviet Secret Police Through Kids' Eyes    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Aleksei Sevostyanov, the head of the regional information department in Tomsk, praised the children for depicting the "heroism" of the state security apparatus in a "very ... Some of the drawings touch on events that might not normally highlight the heroism, nor competence, of Russia's security services.
12/20/2017 09:45Author of 'Death by PowerPoint' Alexei Kapterev Launches New Four-Part Learning Series on ...    ( Markets Insider )
The training facilitated by Kapterev was launched on Coursera by the National Research Tomsk State University, which is the largest classical university in the Asian part of Russia. Kapterev is the author of "Death by PowerPoint", the world's most popular presentation about presentations with more than ...
11/28/2017 09:35Sobchak wants to hold in Crimea a “proper referendum”    ( The Stopru )
The leader of the Tomsk regional headquarters Sobchak chose Alexey Pryanishnikov. This man is a lawyer, 41-year-old he organizes the operation of the project “Open right”. In Saratov the coordinator of the movement “Open Russia” was Anastasia Moskaleva, a woman with a mathematical turn of mind ...
11/25/2017 01:40Nine Months After New Domestic Violence Law, Russian Women Still Struggle    ( The Moscow Times )
Tatyana Dmitriyeva, a social worker at the government-run family center in Tomsk in southern Russia also says women are sensing resistance from ...


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