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09/20/2018 00:20Newly elected mayor of Yakutsk orders to sell luxury cars    ( )
As a result of the elections which took place on September 9, United Russia ... Four Russian cities, Khabarovsk, Abakan, Yakutsk and Tomsk, held ...
09/08/2018 05:30New tests underway on Mona Lisa of geo-archeology - a bone that proves man hunted woolly ...    ( The Siberian Times )
The bone has now arrived in Tomsk where an international Russian-Polish team will work on extracting DNA and carrying paleo-DNA analysis.
08/10/2018 21:35Sberbank: Russia is experiencing a cashless payments boom    ( Finextra )
The top spots in the rating are held by regions in the North-Western Federal District. The largest share of sales turnover using cards in relation to total ...
07/26/2018 19:20Russia's nuclear-powered arsenal is 'highly exaggerated': Experts say the Kremlin's claims are ...    ( Daily Mail )
In recent days, the Ministry of Defence in Moscow proudly aired footage of what it claims was an attack by Pacific Fleet submarine Tomsk on a ship 93 ...
06/19/2018 11:15Russia's Tyumen's Roshchino airport to build new terminal    ( ATWOnline )
Russia's Novaport Holding will build a new 17,000 sq m (182,986 sq. ft.) ... Tolmachevo, as well as airports in Kaliningrad, Tomsk and Chelyabinsk.
05/16/2018 10:30Russia's S7 completes its E170 fleet expansion programme    ( )
Russia's S7 completes its E170 fleet expansion programme ... S7 Airlines (Sibir), Russia's second largest carrier, has taken delivery of its 17th and ... cities within a 2,500-km range, such as Kazan, Samara, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk.
05/11/2018 10:30Russian Children With Heart Issues to Be Treated in US Despite Funding Problems    ( Sputnik International )
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Children from Russia with complicated heart issues ... Surgery, cardiac centers in Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod and Tomsk.
RT, in collaboration with Astronomers Without Borders, a US-based organization dedicated to bringing the world together through astronomy, connected Russians students from Tomsk, Korolev, and Sochi with American students from Bozeman, Montana and South Carolina, as well as cosmonauts ...
04/07/2018 09:55Novaport acquires stake in Stavropol Airport    ( )
Novaport, the Russian airport holding, has aquired a 48.8% stake in Stavropol Airport, the administration of Stavropol Regions reports. The stake was earlier owned by Aviaservis company, and the administration of the region remains the owner of the remaining, majority stake of 51.2%. Head of ...
04/06/2018 02:11''Singapore's Elon Musk' brings Sergey Korolev's unrealized project to Tatarstan''    ( Realnoe vremya )
Yangzhou Pao Mo believes it is extremely important that Russia, regardless of other intellectual centres, has its own groundworks in creating a revolutionary mode of transport. Already in the early twentieth century in Tomsk, Professor Boris Weinberg developed a project of a train, weightless cars of ...
03/23/2018 00:45Meet the candidates: Green Bay City Council District 6    ( Green Bay Press Gazette )
This, coupled with the way my parents inspired me by adopting me from Tomsk, Russia fifteen years ago, gave me a desire to serve and give back to my community. In turn, I am running for office to improve the roads, services, and safety in District 6. I am also running to unite both the residents of District ...
03/17/2018 16:40Russia's Tolmachevo airport reports passenger growth    ( )
The list of the fastest growing Russian destinations from Novosibirsk in February included Krasnoyarsk (+218%), Talakan (+143.7%), Tomsk (+124%), Chelyabinsk (+108%), and Blagoveshchensk (+101%). The top international routes were Dubai (+215%), Phuket (+163%), Seoul (108.7%), Yerevan ...
03/09/2018 23:00Why the West cannot stomach Russians    ( Dissident Voice )
I began returning to Russia, horrified, working in Moscow, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Leningrad. Academics from Akadem Gorodok outside Novosibirsk were selling their libraries in the bitter cold, in dark metro underpasses of Novosibirsk… Runs on the banks… Old retired people dying from hunger and cold ...
02/13/2018 19:40Woman performs blowjob on a stranger on stage    ( )
A club in Tomsk, south central Russia is currently under attack from social media users after it reportedly dared a woman to perform oral sex on a stranger for three free cocktails and she did. reported that the woman took up the challenge to leak the strange man's manhood on stage in the ...
02/13/2018 19:40Russian nightclub under fire for offering women free drinks if they perform oral sex on dancefloor    ( International Business Times UK )
A women has reportedly performed oral sex in the middle of a crowded Russian night club in exchange for three free drinks. According to the Metro, the RayOn nightclub in Russia's central south town Tomsk had video of the woman performing the sex act. She can be seen getting on her hands and ...
02/13/2018 19:40Native of Kyrgyzstan reportedly among An-148 plane crash victims in Moscow region    ( AKIpress (press release) )
“In the 80s, he moved to Tomsk, Russia and studied at the National Research Polytechnic University. Later, he was called up for the military service. In recent years, he lived in Koltushi village of Vsevolozhsky district, Leningrad region. He had a wife and daughter," the report says. A Russian passenger ...
02/13/2018 19:40Second plane crash in Russia. Under Tomsk crashed helicopter Mi-8    ( (press release) )
In the Tomsk region as a result of emergency landing of helicopter Mi-8, two people were killed and another four were injured. On Board were six people. According to the MOE, around 15:55 in the 42 km South-East of the village of Aleksandrovskoe has made emergency landing the helicopter Mi-8.
02/13/2018 03:15Woman gave oral sex to man on stage to get free cocktails at nightclub    ( Metro )
A nightclub has come under fire after it promised a woman free cocktails if she performed oral sex on a stranger in front of a crowd of people. Video shows the woman apparently carrying out the sex act at the club in Tomsk, south central Russia. Barack Obama needs to grow a beard. She is seen on her ...
12/23/2017 02:35EXPO is worthy of the country setting the pace of the mankind's future    ( RusBusinessNews )
Ekaterinburg, one of the key metropolitan cities of Russia, submits its bid for EXPO 2025 for the second time. And the ... On the other hand, it seems to me that Russia's choice of the city is a success. Look at the bid of .... Today Russia has such university cities as Tomsk, Novosibirsk, and even Belgorod.
12/14/2017 09:55Q&A: How 3D printing is advancing healthcare in Russia    ( 3D Printing Industry )
Tomsk Polytechnic University, one of Russia's leading academic institutions, recently announced they are creating 3D printed models of children's hearts to aid surgical planning in urgent cases. Using MRI data the university is 3D printing medical models for Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology (RIC).


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